Your baby’s dental health is in your hands.

A smile communicates so much: that big, toothy grin your baby gives you first thing in the morning, the wide-mouth laugh of your toddler, or the gap-toothed grin of your 7-year-old. A beautiful smile is one of the best gifts you can give your child – and it all starts with ensuring the best dental care from the beginning.

As a parent, it is your duty to make sure your baby learns about dental hygiene, as the habits you teach him now will ensure a pearly white confident smile for a lifetime. Of course, a traditional Kiddo use1toothbrush may not be the answer. How many times have you tried to get a toothbrush into your baby’s mouth, only to have them clamp down and chew on it! Plus, toddlers and small children are still developing their motor skills and may hurt themselves with a conventional toothbrush, or battle to get to the hard-to-reach parts.

This leads to tooth decay, discomfort for your child and eventually high dental and hospital bills. Luckily, a practising dentist has closed this gap, inventing a brush that will turn brushing blues into smiles. The KIDDO Safety Finger Toothbrush provides brushing comfort for parents and babies, and fun for toddlers and young kids.

It is made out of a soft, gum friendly material that is FDA-approved, and is safe for use in the youngest baby’s mouth. The fingercap fits securely onto your index finger. This ensures control over the brush and you can easily get to the hard-to reach places. The handle attached to the brush is firmly gripped for the safety of your child and prevents the brush from being swallowed. The KIDDO Safety Finger Toothbrush is sure to bring a smile to your baby’s face – turning this daily dental ritual into a fun experience.

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