I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful product you have!  I ordered a set of brushes for my 17 month old son and he loves them!  He actually goes into the bathroom and points to where they are hanging and won’t leave the bathroom until he has one on his finger!  I have fortunately managed to get him to only have one at a time as when they first arrived he insisted on having all at once. 

 He has really grasped the concept of it fitting on his finger and points his finger while I put it on, and then happily runs away while brushing, without me having to stress about the whole “stabbing himself in the throat” possibility presented by a normal toothbrush!  Needless to say, when I try go near him with a normal toothbrush he screams and runs away.  They have also been wonderful for him to chew on now that he is cutting his molars.  As soon as the brush is on his finger, it’s stuck right into the back and happily chewed on!

 Thanking you

Tasha Alledahn

 My children are now brushing on their own. Before we started using the Kiddo Safety Finger Toothbrush, brushing was a very big challenge for my husband and I to get the kids to brush their teeth. I think that this product will help little children to take oral hygiene more seriously since they now look in the mirror everytime they brush their teeth to see if  their teeth are clean.

 Engela van Biljon


My Daughter (Teja), really enjoys it and plays with it in the bath. Thank you very much.

 Viki Ramlall


The Kiddo brush works wonderfully on braces. With my normal toothbrush it felt as if the bristles get stuck in the braces. It also doesn’t hurt my gums. My children are really enjoying to brush by themselves now. I think this brush teaches kids to take oral hygiene more seriously as my kids are now standing by the mirror to check if their teeth are clean!

Engela van Biljon


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