Oral hygiene in babies, toddlers and young children is a major challenge faced by mothers today.  This is a vital part of their health and well-being but also one of the most difficult to uphold. The main aims of the brush are to promote oral hygiene among young children as it is so often neglected, to ensure safety and to provide comfort.

Dr MJ Scheepers, closed this gap when he invented a brush that can turn brushing blues into smiles. He invented and patented the Kiddo Safety Finger Toothbrush after practicing for more than 30 years. He came up with this idea after years of facing the difficulty of cleaning babies’, toddlers’ and young children’s teeth by turning to the basic concept of using one’s finger to brush one’s teeth. Toddlers and small children tend to shy away from a conventional toothbrush. They are still developing their motor skills therefore brushing their teeth is a mammoth task. With a conventional toothbrush they tend to injure themselves and most of the time they don’t get to the hard to reach parts. This leads to tooth decay and eventually high dental and hospital bills.

KiDdO Safety Finger Toothbrush is user-friendly and hassle free. It assists moms in brushing their infants’ first teeth and turns brushing into a fun activity for kids.

What and how?

The KiDdO Safety Finger Toothbrush consists of a soft, gum-friendly material that is FDA (Food and Drug Association of America) approved. The material is called monprene. This material makes the brush safe for anyone to use because no cuts or abrasions can be caused in the mouth. The fingercap fits securely onto your index finger to ensure control over the brush and to get to the hard to reach places. The safety handle attached to the brush can be firmly gripped for the safety of your child and prevents it from being swallowed.

With KiDdO brushing your teeth can become your favourite part of the day. It provides brushing comfort for moms and babies, and fun for toddlers and your kids.

Usage Of The Product

 1.         Mothers can use it for brushing their baby’s teeth.

2.         Toddlers and young children can effectively use it to brush their teeth.

3.         Teens and adults can use it. It is easier to brush with your finger and to reach all those hard to reach places in your mouth.

4.         Great for babies’ teething pains.

5.         Also suitable for elderly people and disabled people’s teeth.

6.         Orthodontic braces can be cleaned without discomfort.

7.         Periodontal compromised patients can use the KIDDO Safety Finger Toothbrush to massage their gums and to apply effective oral hygiene.

Helpful Tips …

Put your baby’s brush in the freezer before handing it to your baby. This will help to soothe the itching and pain.

The largest Kiddo brush was designed to help mothers to instruct their toddlers and young children to brush by themselves. By showing them the proper movements of brushing your teeth they can start to learn how to brush on their own.