Oral hygiene in babies, toddlers and young children is a major challenge faced by mothers today. This is often neglected because the importance of healthy teeth is overlooked.

After years of facing the difficulty of fixing the damage on babies`, toddlers` and young children`s teeth, a dentist designed the KIDDO Safety Finger Toothbrush.

The idea is to utilize the basic concept of using one`s finger to clean one`s teeth.

Babies and toddlers tend to shy away from a conventional toothbrush. This may lead to tooth decay and high dental bills.

KIDDO solves all these problems. The brush consists of a soft, gum-friendly material, monprene. It is FDA approved and non-toxic.

The safety handle allows for a firm grip and prevents the brush from being swallowed.

KIDDO can be utilized as a teether as soon as the baby puts his fingers in his mouth. During teething it simultaneously stimulates the gums and develops the muscles in the mouth.

Using KIDDO as a teether introduces infants to texture which assists babies to accept textured foods.

 KIDDO makes brushing a fun activity because they have absolute control of the brush on their index finger while their motor skills are still developing.

KIDDO Safety Finger Toothbrush poses no threat to the child`s soft palate.