The KIDDO Safety Finger Toothbrush is the brainchild of Dr MJ Scheepers. Dr MJ (Skip) Scheepers is the inventor and registered patent holder of the KIDDO Safety Finger Toothbrush.  He came up with this idea after years of facing the difficulties of cleaning babies, toddlers and young children’s teeth.

Toddlers and small children tend to shy away from a conventional toothbrush.  They are still developing their motor skills therefore brushing their teeth is a mammoth task.  With a conventional toothbrush they may often injure themselves and most of the time they don’t get to the hard to reach parts.  KIDDO Safety Finger Toothbrush is user friendly and hassle free.

It consists of a soft, gum friendly material that is FDA approved. This material makes the brush safe for anyone to use.  The safety handle that one attaches to their finger ensures control over motor abilities at all times and prevents the user from swallowing the brush.