Because the finger brush fits over the index finger it is much easier to apply the correct pressure when you brush, you can feel your way around the teeth and braces because the tip of your finger is the most sensitive and controllable part of your hand.

The Elderly

The softness and tissue friendliness of the KIDDO brush makes it an ideal way to clean the teeth and gums of elderly and disabled patients.

A nurse can also put a glove on and fit the KIDDO brush over the index finger and clean the patient’s teeth.


It is much easier to reach the hard to get places with your finger than with a conventional toothbrush. With your index finger you can reach the area where there is gum infection.

The KIDDO massage action cleans the affected area and stimulates blood circulation that will help with the healing process.

The KIDDO brush with its softness and tissue friendliness is very useful for this patient because it doesn’t hurt.

Medication like anti fungal gels can be applied by putting the gel onto the KIDDO’s bristles.